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How to Handle an Accidental Discharge of Fire Sprinklers

6/27/2022 (Permalink)

Active fire sprinkler If your sprinklers go off accidentally, they could cause flooding.

What to Do If Fire Sprinklers Are Accidentally Discharged

Sprinkler systems can save your Twin Creeks, TX, business in the event that a fire breaks out. However, if your sprinklers go off accidentally, they could cause flooding. Here are some ways you can mitigate the impact.

1. Turn Off the Water to Your Fire Sprinklers
This first step is important as it will decrease unnecessary water damage to your business. The longer your sprinklers are running, the more the cleanup will cost.

2. Contact Your Insurance Company
Be sure to call your insurance agent so they can start a claim, send out an adjuster to assess the damage, and investigate the possible cause of the discharge. If you have any parts of the sprinklers that might have broken off, be sure to save those and show them to the claims agent. This might assist in determining why the accidental discharge happened.

3. Contact a Professional for Cleanup
A restoration company can remove the water, ensure that the building is dry, and take care of any odor or mold that might result from the excess moisture caused by the flooding. This step will get your business back up and running as quickly as possible and ensure that you have a safe environment for your employees and customers.

4. Inspect Your System Periodically
Once your sprinkler system is back up and running, be sure to perform regular maintenance checks. Keeping your system in working order will decrease the chances of another accidental discharge of your sprinklers and increase the likelihood that they will engage in the event of an actual fire. Either way, your Twin Creeks, TX, business will be protected.
No one wants their company to suffer a loss, but taking the appropriate steps when an incident, such as flooding from an accidental fire sprinkler discharge, occurs can help alleviate the cost and inconvenience.

3 Ways Lightning Can Damage Your Home

6/13/2022 (Permalink)

Lightning thunderstorm flash over the sky. The risk of a home lightning fire is real.

Three Ways Lightning Can Damage Your Home

The risk of a home lightning fire is real. In the United States, this type of severe weather frequently occurs during the summer months in the late afternoon and evening. And although you cannot prevent these natural incidents, understanding how they could affect your home will help you prepare for the worst-case scenario. Here are three ways that lightning can damage houses.

1. Electrical Surge
Home electrical systems are vulnerable to bolts seeking to ground. For instance, as uncontrolled electrical currents move through your home, they may damage or destroy electronic devices plugged into an outlet, such as computers and televisions. Wild voltage may even affect wireless gadgets. So, unplug your phone or tablet if you need to connect to the internet during a storm.

2. Blast Wave
Better known as thunder, the blast wave from an electrical flash can rip through external brick walls and windows and continue inside to destroy drywall and plumbing. This opening in the home can then let rain in, further damaging your house. Moreover, blast waves are so powerful that they can carve deep furrows in your yard and rupture your home’s foundation. Sometimes this type of damage is irreparable.

3. Lightning Fire
A house fire is the scariest possible result of a strike. Wooden homes and roofs are more susceptible to fire than those made of brick or stone. But, fire can damage any modern home with electrical wires that can channel flames through the building. In addition to the risk electrical surges impose on structures, surrounding landscaping such as trees and mulch can also be set alight. Then these fires might spread to your home. If your home is damaged, hire fire restoration experts in Great Hills, TX.
A lightning fire can seriously damage your home. However, knowing how these fires behave will keep you and your family safe.

How SERVPRO's Electronic Claims Services Helps Your Insurance Company

6/8/2022 (Permalink)

Tablet and cel phone. Having electronic claim services enables everyone to have the same information for more efficient and effective communication.

SERVPRO's Electronic Claims Services

When your Leander, TX, client files a claim, you need a company that aids the process quickly and efficiently Here's how SERVPRO professionals are Here to Help with their electronic claim services.

Communication Is Effective
When your client needs a Professional Response Team to arrive quickly and mitigate the damage in order to restore the property, you don't want things slowed down through a lack of communication. Having electronic claim services enables everyone to have the same information for more efficient and effective communication and includes the following benefits.

All data is kept together in the insurance claim
Everyone involved has access to the same information
Data can't be lost
Nationwide comparisons are possible

Data is Kept Safe
Paper records can be stolen out of a filing cabinet by anyone sneaking into the office, but digital files are protected from hackers by security teams dedicated to keeping your clients' information confidential.

Errors Are Fewer
Every time details are entered into electronic claim services, all other parties involved get the updated information. Everyone has every detail of the case meaning there will be fewer mistakes made. Your clients will receive the correct amount of compensation based on an accurate assessment of the damage. That way their properties can be restored in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Electronic Transmissions Provide a Faster Emergency Response
Paper records have to be sent to both the insurance agent and adjuster, typically by mail. This takes time and means a longer wait for your clients. The longer they have to wait, the more potential for further damage by mold and other problems. Your clients need a quick response, and an electronic system enables them to get their money sooner.
A client who has suffered catastrophic loss from a disaster such as flooding needs professional help to arrive quickly. An electronic service can make that happen.

4 Reasons Why Hiring Property Damage Restoration Pros Can Save Your Home

11/18/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO offers Texas homeowners four reasons to call an experienced property damage restoration company after sustaining storm damage.

Extreme weather is something that everyone deals with across the country. In Texas, citizens have to worry about hurricanes, snowstorms, tornadoes, and pretty much every natural disaster one can think of.

By hiring a proud, esteemed property damage restoration company such as SERVPRO, getting life back to normal after a natural disaster takes the extra responsibility off of your shoulders and puts it in the capable hands of trained professionals. From the first phone call until the last item is restored, SERVPRO works with diligence and precision to serve its clients.

Four Reasons Texas Property Owners Choose SERVPRO for Property Damage Restoration

1)Quick Response

Regular business hours do not apply to natural disasters. SERVPRO has recognized this and takes the same approach. Their 24/7 service is always available simply by calling (512) 318-2202.

Water cleanup without trained professionals can lead to catastrophic, irreparable damage inside a home. Within 24 hours, drywall begins to swell and break, metal begins to tarnish, furniture typically begins to crack, and dyes in household objects begin to fade and stain.

2)  Restoration Over Replacement

Through initial training, continuing education courses, and web training, the SERVPRO staff all have the skills necessary to help restore a home after a natural disaster. All SERVPRO professionals are well versed in the best practices of water damage restoration, fire restoration, mold removal, carpet cleaning, and many other restoration tactics.

Restoration tends to be more cost-effective than replacement. By training all of its employees thoroughly, SERVPRO makes sure that they can mitigate the damage as well as the cost.

3)  Resources to Tackle Any Disaster

SERVPRO proudly has one of the largest and most efficient Large Loss divisions in the nation. “No Job Too Large” is not just a slogan in this instance. Every large loss has a designated supervisor to ensure timeliness along with proper communication.

Clients represented by the Large Loss program include:

-   The hospitality industry

-   Property management teams

-   Many universities

-   Municipalities

-   The Pentagon

Moreover, SERVPRO continuously provides excellent catastrophic storm protection. During the tragic storms of Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Katrina, SERVPRO’s strategically placed, quick response teams were there for all of them to help clean up the damage. SERVPRO is ready to be deployed to tackle any disaster, 24/7, 365 days a year.

4)  Working with Insurance

Unfortunately, dealing with insurance is never an easy task. Luckily, the professionals at SERVPRO handle that for their clients. Through experience and information gathering, SERVPRO is happy to have uncomfortable conversations on behalf of their clients, often resulting in a more efficient and favorable result.

Through gathering information and having hands-on experience with clients, the professionals at SERVPRO pride themselves on taking every case as if it were their own. Regardless of the situation, they will work the service claim from the original call until the check is paid.

Let SERVPRO Be Your Trusted Contact

Rather than trying to assess water damage on your own or without a professional, allow SERVPRO to keep life running smoothly. Spanning all the way to Lago Vista, Texas, SERVPRO has teams across local communities ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice.

By neglecting something as serious as water or fire damage, you could end up costing yourself a fortune, possibly even your entire home. Through quick response and emergency restoration, SERVPRO is equipped to not only assess but also restore the damage.

When you need property damage restoration in Lago Vista, TX or surrounding areas, call SERVPRO at (512) 318-2202 or visit their office at 6500 River Place Blvd, Building 7 - Ste 250, Austin, TX 78730!

How Does Storm Damage Affect Your Home’s Roofing System?

11/18/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of Lake Travis and Northwest Austin area describes three ways storm damage impacts a roofing system and four indications that repairs are needed. 

SERVPRO specializes in cleanup and restoration after a fire, storm, flood, and other incidents affect a home or commercial space. Serving the Lake Travis and Northwest Austin area, their experienced team members make repairs associated with mold, smoke, sewage, vandalism, fires, storm damage, and more. Services include odor removal, deep cleaning, mold remediation, and complete renovation.

The staff at SERVPRO must undergo intensive preparation before being assigned to a project. They must meet the highest IICRC standards, complete employee certification training, take an initial franchise course, participate in ongoing web-based workshops, and attend a selection of continuing education classes. Their 24/7 emergency services offer peace of mind to residents who may need storm damage restoration at odd times of the day or night. SERVPRO’s exceptional team restores home roofing systems with precision and care, returning them to their original glory.  

How Does Storm Damage Affect Your Homes Roofing System?

#1: Rotting

Strong winds can blow shingles off roofs, allowing water to seep into areas and cause havoc. Cracked or broken shingles are especially susceptible to high winds and are more likely to go missing. It only takes two missing roof shingles for water damage to begin. Over time rotting will occur, leading to roof leaks that require extensive water cleanup. 

#2: Flooding

While rotting will eventually lead to flooding, falling trees, hail, or heavy rain can cause water damage within just a few hours. Water can find its way into your home through holes in the roof, cracks in the foundation, or broken windows. Depending on how severe the damage is, this may call for emergency water restoration. 

#3: Mold

Storm damage restoration often includes mold removal. Anytime there is flooding in a home, mold is likely present and will only spread if it’s not properly handled. It’s best to research local mold remediation companies and hire trained professionals to treat and remove the mold before it gets out of control. 

Signs Your Home Is in Need of Storm Damage Restoration

#1: Fallen Shingles 

One of the most obvious signs of roof damage is fallen shingles. Search the yard, street, and nearby trees for them after a big storm. Also, examine the roof for areas where parts of the surface appear to be missing. 

#2: Puddles in the Attic

When water damage isn’t immediately obvious, the attic can offer some answers. If there is flooding, the attic is the first place it will appear. Check for puddles and damp spots for leaks to see if water damage restoration is necessary. 

#3: Water Dripping Down Walls

More severe water damage will cause flooding in your living spaces. After a severe storm, check for water stains on the ceiling or dripping down the walls. These may take some time to appear and may not be noticeable right away. 

#4: Broken Shingles

Heavy rain and hail can dent or break shingles, leaving the roof susceptible to water damage. Water restoration companies can examine roof shingles and determine whether any shingles need to be replaced or if storm damage restoration is required. 

SERVPRO serves over a dozen cities around Austin, Texas, including Leander, TX, River Place, and Canyon Creek. If you need storm damage restoration services, call them now at (512) 318-2202 to schedule an appointment. 

6 Steps After Commercial Fire Damage Restoration to Help Your Business Recover

11/18/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of Lake Travis and Northwest Austin area recommends what steps to take to quickly get back to business after a commercial fire causes irreparable damage. 

SERVPRO specializes in commercial damage restoration and cleanup after a flood or fire, aiming to minimize disruption and get operations back on track. Their highly experienced team serves the Lake Travis and Northwest Austin area, offering 24/7 emergency assistance when needed. Services include smoke odor removal, fire damage cleanup, and restoration, as well as water damage cleanup and restoration that occurs from firefighting efforts. 

The SERVPRO team undergoes intensive water and fire damage training, which includes completing the IICRC program, a SERVPRO specific certification course, and specified continuing education classes. Staff must also participate in ongoing web-based workshops to ensure their training is up to date. As a trusted member of the community, SERVPRO has been helping restore businesses in the area since 1998.    

6 Steps After Commercial Fire Damage Restoration to Help Your Business Recover

#1: Contact the Insurance Company

Contact the insurance company as soon as possible to learn what steps need to be taken to file a claim. They will also likely recommend having emergency water restoration performed by a commercial cleaning service right away. Calling them immediately will help prevent delays and help your business recover faster. If the business space has been leased, it's important also to contact the landlord or building manager. 

#2: Protect Any Remaining Property

One of the first steps to take after the fire has been extinguished is to safeguard the property. Doing so protects the business from theft and further damage and is often required by insurance companies. This step may include patching holes, covering the roof with a tarp, and turning off the water, gas, and other utilities. A security fence may need to be installed, and you may want to consider hiring a private security team. 

#3: Document Everything

Take photos and video of the damage. Keep a log of everyone who was contacted and why. Track all business costs during this period and hold on to receipts. Find out what documentation is required by the insurance company and start getting it together. 

#4: Contact Fire Restoration Companies

Fire restoration companies will clean up and restore everything, getting business operations up and running again sooner. Water cleanup will likely be needed as well due to firefighting efforts. Fortunately, most companies that deal with fire damage can also perform water damage restoration. 

#5: Notify Anyone Affected

Update your staff, vendors, and suppliers with new contact information. Have any deliveries or mail forwarded to a different address, and inform customers of what has happened. New contact information may also need to be given to utility companies, credit card companies, the fire department, and the police. 

#6: Retrieve Any Valuables

Once the fire department has given the okay, retrieve any valuables from the building. These may include servers, external hard drives, laptops, cash, credit cards, checkbooks, business licenses, employee information, inventory records, and accounting statements.

SERVPRO serves over a dozen cities in Northwest Texas including, River Place, Canyon Creek, and Spicewood, TX. Their staff’s intensive training makes them a leader in the water and fire damage restoration industry. If you require commercial damage restoration, call them now at (512) 318-2202 and get your business up and running as soon as possible. 

Fire Damage Restoration Guide: Tips to Prevent Electrical Fires

10/27/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: The experts at SERVPRO go over tips to avoid electrical fires to help property owners stay safe.

Electrical malfunctions are the fourth most common cause of structure fires in the US, accounting for around 7% of all incidents or roughly 24,000 fires per year. Texas ranks second in the US for fire-related fatalities.

Thankfully, while not all fires are preventable, there are steps home and business owners can take to prevent electrical fires. The experts at SERVPRO, a professional water cleanup and fire damage restoration company serving Lago Vista, TX, and the surrounding areas, are here to share how.

Tips to Prevent Electrical Fires in Texas

Complete Regular Wiring Inspections

Electrical wiring can wear out over time, eventually leading to an increased fire risk. Having a professional electrician inspect wiring, outlets, and breaker or fuse boxes is one of the best ways to prevent electrical fires, especially in properties over ten years old. Considering replacing wiring that appears:

  •       Frayed
  •       Worn out
  •       Tattered

It’s also best to schedule repairs if there are any signs of wiring damage, such as blinking lights, frequently tripped breakers, sparking, or melting plastic smells.

Assess Plugs for Appliances

The plugs on appliances can also become damaged over time. Broken plugs present a shock hazard and may overheat, leading to a fire. When examining plugs, assess the number of devices plugged into each outlet.

Outlet overload via the use of extension cords or power strips can lead to sparking and appliance malfunction. Ensure that the total load of all plugged-in electronics doesn't exceed 80% of the amperage of the circuit.

Consider Surge Protectors

Power surges are another common cause of circuit overload that can lead to an electrical fire. Property owners can take steps to reduce the dangers associated with power surges by using surge protectors. These devices not only decrease the risk of an electrical fire but also protect electronics from damage.

Watch the Placement of Flammable Items

Sometimes, all an electrical fire needs to start is the presence of a flammable object—like a pillow—too close to an electrical outlet, appliance, or plugged-in device, such as a charging cell phone. Take steps to avoid a fire by keeping rugs, blankets, and even cleaning supplies away from sources of electricity.

What to Do in the Event of an Electrical Fire

First, start by putting out the fire or evacuating the building, depending on the current size of the blaze. Having an extinguisher or fire blanket in an easily accessible location is a vital step in minimizing fire damage.

Once the fire is out, file an insurance claim. Electrical fires can lead to extensive damage, including:

  •       Structural damage
  •       Smoke, ash, and soot damage
  •       Water damage from sprinkler systems

Given this, to make repairs, you may need a fire damage restoration company that can also handle residential and commercial water damage and mold removal.

Get Help Handling Fire Damage Restoration in Texas

The steps above can help reduce the probability of an electrical fire, but some common causes of structure fires are unavoidable.

In the unfortunate event a fire does occur, fire restoration companies, as well as specialists in secondary damage, like emergency water restoration companies and mold remediation companies, can be an invaluable resource. Some contractors, like SERVPRO, can handle all the above.

The professionals at SERVPRO offer reliable fire damage restoration, water removal, mold cleanup, and residential and commercial cleaning services. Their crews have access to professional-grade equipment and are on-call around the clock. For more information, call (512) 318-2202.

4 Worst Effects of Water Damage to You and Your Home

10/27/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: The professionals at SERVPRO review the most dangerous effects of water damage and discuss how to minimize the risk of further damage.

Most property owners are aware that water exposure in a structure can cause extensive damage, but many don’t realize just how much. The experts at SERVPRO, a leading water damage restoration company serving  Leander, TX, and the surrounding areas, are here to explain four of the worst effects of water damage after flooding, plumbing incidents, and storms.

SERVPRO specializes in emergency water restoration along with repairs for commercial and residential properties. Their crews work around the clock to help home and business owners minimize the effects of water damage and the risk of secondary damage.

Review the Worst Effects of Water Damage

#1: Mold Infestations

Water damage can allow excess moisture into homes and businesses. Water restoration companies will take steps to remove water quickly, but they also need to focus on drying out and dehumidifying all areas exposed to water.

Any remaining moisture can encourage the growth of mold in:

  •       Carpet
  •       Furniture, like couches
  •       Wallpaper and drywall

Mold can spread quickly after it begins growing, often necessitating help from mold remediation companies. Mold spores can cause health effects when inhaled. SERVPRO can help with both water and mold removal.

#2: Damage to Furniture and Appliances

Water can damage more than the structure of a home or business. Rising water from a flood or pipe burst may come into contact with furniture, such as the legs of couches or chairs. Wooden furniture may warp or split when exposed to water.

Electronic devices can also suffer damage. Water can short out televisions and ruin computers or speakers. A residential and commercial cleaning service can take steps to remove water quickly, preventing it from ruining furniture and electronics.

#3: Increased Issues with Bugs

Many insect species thrive best in humid and warm environments. Water damage—even from a leaking pipe—can increase humidity levels inside homes and businesses in Texas. Higher humidity encourages fleas and mosquitoes to breed inside properties. Removing this excess moisture is the first step in stopping the infestation.

#4: Exposure to Dangerous Contaminants

Finally, some water damage events include blackwater (water that contains contaminants from human waste). This kind of water may carry bacteria and viruses, which can easily cause serious diseases.

Blackwater becomes a major concern in properties that experience a sewage backup or toilet overflow. However, black water can also enter properties during floods, as the water may get contaminated by sewage before entering the home or business.

Sometimes, properties also face exposure to dirty water after a fire when sprinkler systems kick on. That’s why it’s best to look to fire restoration companies that also have the experience to handle water damage.

Get Help Mitigating the Effects of Water Damage

Water damage events can have many severe effects on homes and businesses around Texas. Property owners can take steps to return their property to pristine condition by contacting SERVPRO for water damage restoration services.

SERVPRO technicians are on call 24/7, allowing them to move quickly in the event of a water damage emergency. As a locally owned and operated company, SERVPRO always put their clients first, focusing on removing water, eradicating moisture, and inspecting for any signs of mold growth. Set up an appointment for water damage cleanup by calling (512) 318-2202.

4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Damage Restoration Contractor

10/27/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: The team at SERVPRO goes over factors to consider before hiring a commercial damage restoration contractor in Spicewood, TX.

When it comes to commercial property damage, the damage itself isn’t the only cost. The longer a business remains closed, the more potential revenue that’s lost. That’s why it’s vital to find a commercial damage restoration company that can get the job done fast and get it done right the first time.

SERVPRO of Lake Travis / NW Austin, a leading property damage restoration company, cautions business owners to keep a few points in mind when choosing a contractor. SERVPRO offers commercial water, storm, and fire restoration, mold remediation, and cleaning services in and around Spicewood, TX.

Factors to Look at When Hiring Commercial Restoration Contractors

#1: Previous Customer Satisfaction

Deciding on the right company to handle commercial damage restoration represents an important decision for any business. The company may have to take care of water cleanup, property repairs, and mold removal.

Property owners in Spicewood often have many water restoration companies to choose from for help. Customer reviews are a good place to start when creating a shortlist. Consider factors such as whether:

  •       Past customers were satisfied with the water damage restoration
  •       The contractor offered reliable estimates
  •       The company finished the job on budget and on time

Look for a pattern of positive reviews rather than focusing on individual reviews.

#2: The Contractor’s Experience and Resources

Commercial damage restoration often requires professional-grade equipment and the resources to complete. Some water and fire restoration companies do not have the tools necessary to take on this challenge.

When considering restoration companies, look for organizations with access to the right tools to handle water extraction, fire cleanup, and mold remediation. Find out if the company under consideration offers substantial training to their property restoration technicians.

#3: The Services Offered by the Contractor

Not all forms of commercial damage have the same causes. For example, water damage caused by a fire suppression system will require different serves than one caused by natural flooding. Many types of water damage can also lead to mold growth. Mold remediation companies may specialize in getting rid of all forms of fungus—including black mold—but may not provide adequate water removal services.

Depending on the types of damage a business sustained, it may be necessary to work with contractors that have experience with fire, water, and mold damage.

#4: The Company’s Response Time

Response time is a crucial factor when it comes to emergency water restoration. Completing property restoration quickly can actually reduce the overall damage to a property and may make it easier to file a claim with the insurance company.

Scheduling commercial damage restoration right away also allows business owners to reopen again more quickly. Before making a decision, question contractors about their current workload and how fast they’d be able to begin repairs. The cost of the services offered by the contractor is also, of course, a point of interest when seeking a commercial cleaning service.

Contact the Professionals for Commercial Damage Restoration

Commercial damage restoration can help businesses recover from damage caused by fires, flooding, storms, mold infestations, and more. When considering which company to hire, focus on their past reviews, abilities, and experience with property restoration.

SERVPRO of Lake Travis / NW Austin can begin commercial property repairs quickly after an emergency. Their crews take calls around the clock, allowing them to begin water removal and cleanup without delay. Every member of their team has the experience and training necessary to restore commercial properties after floods, hurricanes, or sewage backups. Call (512) 318-2202 to learn more.

7 Reasons to Choose SERVPRO for Commercial or Residential Property Damage Restoration

9/22/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: Texas has no shortage of restoration companies, but some are better than others. Here are seven reasons why SERVPRO is the first choice for property damage restoration in the Austin area.

After suffering water or fire property damage, rebuilding and getting things back to normal is less strenuous with the help of an experienced property restoration expert. However, with hundreds of water and fire restoration companies in Austin claiming they offer the best services, picking the right one can be a challenge. Here’s why Texans don’t need to look beyond SERVPRO for quality emergency property damage restoration services.

7 Reasons to Choose SERVPRO for Commercial or Residential Property Damage Restoration

1. 24/7 Emergency Services

When it comes to water or fire property damage, even waiting a few extra hours to begin the restoration process can have steep consequences. For example, delaying water cleanup can lead to mold growth, and the mold removal process is both complex and costly.

SERVPRO is one of the few restoration companies in Austin that offers 24/7 emergency restoration services. Their experts are available year-round, even on holidays.

2. Quick Response Time

SERVPRO’s team isn’t just available 24/7. They also respond to emergency calls fast and have the equipment and expertise to get the job done just as quickly. Their quick response times are designed to prevent further property damage and minimize restoration costs.

3.Highly Trained Specialists

Restoration projects go smoother and take less time when the workers know what they are doing. SERVPRO’s team consists of knowledgeable technicians trained to deliver the best residential and commercial cleaning services. Their team holds some of the most respected certifications in the industry from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

4. Five-Star Property Restoration Services

SERVPRO is a one-stop-shop for property restoration services. Their team can handle residential and commercial damage from mold, fire, water, storms, and more. Even better, they have received hundreds of stellar reviews for their top-notch services.

5. Insurance Claim Handling

Unlike many local fire and water restoration companies, SERVPRO has experience working with insurance companies to simplify the claims process. Their experts understand the documentation process and how to maximize the chances of a successful claim.

6. Locally Owned and Operated

As a locally owned and operated company, SERVPRO has the experience and knowledge unique to restoring Texan properties. For instance, their expert’s understanding of the local terrain enables them to identify the root cause of water damage and recommend solutions that prevent the issue from recurring. Likewise, if a property damage restoration project requires a permit, SERVPRO can fast-track that process.

7. Fully Licensed, Certified, and Insured

It’s always best to work with a licensed fire, water, or mold remediation company. A license proves that a company has the training needed to provide customers with safe and reliable services. SERVPRO is fully licensed, insured, and stays up to date and compliant with the latest industry and best practices.

About SERVPRO of Lake Travis / NW Austin

SERVPRO of Lake Travis / NW Austin is a local leader in the restoration industry. They offer five-star water, fire, and storm restoration services as well as mold remediation and commercial cleaning.

To learn more about their property damage restoration services in Lago Vista, TX, follow them on Facebook, call (512) 318-2202, or visit their office at 6500 River Place Blvd, Building 7 - Ste 250, Austin, TX 78730