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Good practices a commercial space can follow to prevent water damage

5/24/2021 (Permalink)

Blog summary: SERVPRO shares how to recognize signs of water damage and practical steps to keep a check on potential water damage.

What are the signs of water damage in a commercial property?

Water damage incidents, if neglected, can escalate property maintenance costs. SERVPRO showcases some common causes of water damage in commercial spaces:

  • Equipment and appliances

Any equipment such as air conditioners, water heaters, or anything that uses tubes, pipes, or filters to operate water has the potential to cause water damage. Concerns like rust, cracks, bulges, or signs of moisture can be spotted in time if there is a regular check and maintenance system. Preventative measures can save a property from major water damage restoration costs.

  • The roof

Neglecting any damage to perimeter flashing, roof membrane, or roof penetrations such as drains, pipes, and gas lines could lead to major restoration needs. Checking the roof regularly can help avoid potential leaks, which in turn can prevent mold issues and fire hazards from shortened wires and compromised structural integrity.

  • Pipes and sewage

A regular investigation of the plumbing system for signs of moisture, blue stains, rusting, cracking, and bulging can prevent serious water damage. Scale build-up, cut pipes, and uninsulated pipes are other signs to watch out for. A pipe camera or a leak detection system is very useful for a prevention plan.  

Sewage damage signs such as gurgling sounds or water backing up out of the drain or toilet must be addressed by a professional water restoration company like SERVPRO of Lake Travis / NW Austin immediately. Sewer water contains bacteria and other pathogens that cause illnesses and infections.

  • Sprinkler Systems

A malfunctioning sprinkler system in commercial buildings can cause severe water damage. A regular check for signs of damage such as wet surfaces like drywall and carpets, mold, standing water, or rust enables timely action.

  • Mother Nature

Some causes cannot be controlled but can be prepared for. Natural disasters like hurricanes, severe thunderstorms, flash flooding, and tornadoes can do unimaginable damage to businesses. Keeping gutters clear, installing barriers, and storing sensitive files and electronics at a higher level mitigate the damage.

A risk assessment and flood insurance is also a worthwhile investment.  

  • Damaged windows

Windows that are sealed improperly can cause moisture to seep in, triggering issues such as mold build-up and warped wood and drywall. Regular resealing is crucial since caulk eventually breaks down.

  • Building foundations

Clogged gutters and poor drainage can cause water to leak into the property through the roof or the foundation. Nearby puddles and wet framing are the most common signs of leaks in building foundations.

  • HVAC issues

Ducts in the HVAC systems eventually wear out and get damaged, resulting in leaks. The HVAC system must be cleaned regularly and the excess water from the condensation reservoirs should be removed to prevent water damage.

How to prevent water damage in the first place?

Prevention is always better than cure. Even minor damage mended in time can prevent huge restoration costs. 

  1. Flood monitoring system

An efficient flood warning system is ideal not only in flood-prone areas but also to catch flooding caused by plumbing failures, overflowing rivers, and melting snow. 

  1. More insurance coverage

Water damage restoration is an expensive affair. By including water damage in the insurance policy, one can deal with the costs more easily. 

  1. Regular water damage inspection 

Get the property inspected by water restoration professionals like SERVPRO once a year and conduct leak detection in several ways, such as humidity monitoring and the use of spot sensors. Invest in facility maintenance.

One can’t eliminate all risk of water damage to property but monitoring the common culprits, practicing good maintenance, and taking preventative measures can reduce risks phenomenally, and enable a better response mechanism in case of emergencies. 


  • SERVPRO uses state-of-the-art equipment to bring the damaged property back to its original state. SERVPRO of Lake Travis / NW Austin is always updating its fleet and equipment so clients in Lago Vista and surrounding areas can quickly access the services. 
  • With over 1,700 US and Canadian Franchise locations, SERVPRO is strategically positioned to respond faster to an emergency of any magnitude.
  • The SERVPRO staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. They receive initial in-house training and constant skill up-gradation at the corporate training facility and also acquire IICRC-industry certification.

For commercial water damage restoration, call SERVPRO of Lake Travis / NW Austin today at (512) 318-2200.

Professional Carpet and upholstery cleaning and its benefits

5/24/2021 (Permalink)

Blog summary: The 6 benefits of a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning and how SERVPRO is the ideal choice.

Is it time to clean that carpet and upholstery professionally?

A carpet and upholstery make a home or a commercial space welcoming and aesthetically appealing. It is an investment. If neglected, this investment can become a liability. 

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification states that 79% of the soil in carpets is dry soil.

Preventative maintenance actions for carpet and upholstery include: 

  • Regular vacuuming
  • Spot removal
  • Pilating the carpet to prevent matting
  • Moving furniture to change traffic patterns
  • Using walk-off mats to limit the amount of soil tracked onto the carpet

However, a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning, depending upon the foot traffic and usage, is a worthwhile investment. 

SERVPRO shares 7 benefits of a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service:

  1. Eliminates odors

Some odors are very hard to eradicate with normal cleaning. Air fresheners can only mask the odor, not remove it. The common causes of odors in carpets and upholstery are moisture, pets, cigarette smoke, and food and drink spills. 

Professional carpet and upholstery cleaning removes visible dirt, stains, and odors. If there has been a recent water damage incident, a musty odor may indicate growth of mold and may need an immediate and professional mold remediation process. 

  1. Removes stubborn stains

Once stains seep into the carpet and upholstery fibers, they can leave a sticky residue that attracts dirt and dust. This leaves dark patches that are impossible to remove with home cleaning.  

A professional carpet and upholstery cleaning enables removal of tough stains such as:

  • Coffee spills
  • Dirt and mud
  • Ink
  • Pet stains
  • Red wine
  1. Increases lifespan

Carpets made with certain fabrics will absorb moisture from the environment and as a result, affect the carpet structure. The stains and dirt carpet collect may harden a carpet and lead to minor tearing. Removing these clogged pores will undoubtedly increase the lifespan of a carpet.

In the case of upholstery, specks of dirt and dust can act like sandpaper and weaken the fibers, causing internal damage. By regularly cleaning to halt the accumulation of these specks of dirt, the furniture is likely to look new and survive for long.  

  1. Reduces allergens

Common allergens such as pollen, pet dander, mold, and dust mites, settle indoors mostly on carpets and upholstery, increasing the chances of allergies. A vacuum will only remove surface dirt while most debris will become embedded within the fibers of the upholstery and carpet.

Innovative cleaning techniques practised by restoration companies like SERVPRO can help remove most allergens from these surfaces successfully. 

  1. Maintains the aesthetics

Carpeting is the largest furnishing in a room besides furniture upholstery. It is also the one that receives the most traffic. Stains, dirt, and odors can make a home or office look and feel unattractive and unhygienic. A professional carpet and upholstery cleaning not only keeps fibers looking new but enhances the aesthetics of a room.

  1. Reduces “traffic lane” effects

Carpets in hallways, living rooms, and kitchens receive significant foot traffic. Therefore these areas tend to deteriorate much faster than those in bedrooms or under couches. Due to dirt these areas also seem darker than others. 

Professional carpet cleaning removes dirt and restores fibers thereby slowing down the “traffic lanes” effects.


Even the highest-quality carpet and upholstery can show soiling over time. The SERVPRO System offers several cleaning options to match any type of upholstery or carpet.

  • Bonnet Cleaning: A less aggressive method for short-pile carpets.
  • Hot Water Extraction: A deeper cleaning method for all carpet types.
  • Deluxe Precondition and Rinse: Helps restore deeply soiled areas.
  • Showcase Premier Cleaning: The most thorough cleaning method in the industry.
  • Dry Cleaning: When color-fastness is an issue.

SERVPRO’s professional cleaning can address moderate and heavy soil conditions in carpets and upholstery. A good rule of thumb would be to professionally clean carpet and upholstery every 12 months and before they become saturated with soil and debris.

For a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning in Spicewood and surrounding areas, backed by state-of-the-art equipment, over 40 years of experience, and highly-trained technicians, call SERVPRO of Lake Travis / NW Austin today at (512) 318-2200.

12 preventive measures that can reduce the damage caused by storms

5/24/2021 (Permalink)

Blog summary: SERVPRO talks about 12 ways to strengthen a property to reduce storm damage and how SERVPRO technicians can help.

How to mitigate storm damage?

Storms are unpredictable and the damage they can cause can be extensive and life-threatening. SERVPRO shares 12 preventive measures to maintain a property and mitigate damage that can be caused by storms. 

  1. Reinforce the roof

A roof that is 5-10 years older should be checked for damaged shingles and loose nails and sheathing. 

  • A damaged shingle is more likely to break free during a storm. And a missing shingle is a dangerous gap for the wind to get under and cause more damage. Ensure the shingles are installed correctly - not above the nail line. 
  • The siding must also be checked for damage and repaired as per need.
  • The chimney flashing must be in prime condition and the chimney can be tightly sealed, if necessary.
  • Reinforce the roof by having it retrofitted with brackets, bracing, clips, or straps.

The SERVPRO roof restoration team can assist in repairing and reinforcing the roof and making the property safer during storms.

  1. Clear gutters

Ensuring the gutters are clear is the first line of defense in helping water to flow away from the property. Gutters should be free-flowing and the downspouts must flow away from the foundation.

In case there is water damage after a storm, SERVPRO water damage technicians can help the owners restore their property.

  1. Create the right slope

The grade of the lot should allow water to flow away from the property and into a ditch, drain, or any proper retention area. One could add some soil to create a slope of a quarter-inch per foot heading downhill away from the property’s foundation. Gravity will pull the water away from the house and prevent summer storm damage.

  1. Secure the foundation

To avoid basement flooding and water damage to property during a storm, the house foundations should be completely waterproof. Necessary repairs must be made to any cracks:

  • Small cracks must be sealed with caulk designed to repair masonry
  • Larger gaps should be mended with hydraulic cement
  1. Ensure a working sump pump

Sump pumps must be checked before spring rains start. To be extra safe, a backup sump pump along with a battery backup, in case of power cuts, would help safeguard against basement flooding.

  1. Seal doors and windows tightly

In case of tornado winds, a small opening in windows or doors could enlarge and allow enough wind inside to compromise the property’s roof. 

  • Check doors for missing screws/bolts or loose hinges 
  • Fit keyhole covers on doors to keep rainwater and snow at bay
  • Use weather-stripping to seal doors and windows tightly
  • Apply caulk on both sides of windows to prevent water seepage
  • Apply a durable clear plastic film on windows to prevent glass shards from blowing inside the house if the winds breach the windows 
  • Install permanent shutters to shield windows from wind and debris 
  • Windows made especially to withstand storm-level air pressure and impact can be installed in areas with extreme weather conditions
  1. Nail down loose fence posts

Fence posts that are not nailed down will be uprooted by storm winds. Therefore, they must be checked during the storm preparation. 

  1. Trim the trees

A dead, hollowed, or diseased tree is unlikely to stand up to the strong winds and rains of a summer storm. Such problem trees can damage homes, vehicles, or even a neighbor’s property. A tree expert can also be hired to check for dangerous trees.

In general, regularly trimming the trees on the property is an excellent way to protect the roof and windows.

  1. Secure the furniture 

Heavy, tall furniture, such as bookshelves or cabinets, should be anchored to the wall so they’re secure and won’t fall. Additionally, furniture must be moved away from doors or windows.

  1. Protect vehicles

Vehicles left outdoors during a storm are bound to be impacted by flying debris and hail. They can be parked in the garage, a covered parking space, or a temporary shelter. 

  1. Identify projectiles

Items such as lawn furniture, tools, grills, picnic tables, and flower pots must be moved indoors to a garage or shed, lest they become dangerous projectiles.

  1. Keep a generator on standby

A power cut-off, for some hours or even days, is a likely incident in case of a bad storm. So it is advisable to have a generator at hand so living in the house is comfortable until power is restored.   


  • SERVPRO uses state-of-the-art equipment to bring the damaged property back to its original state. SERVPRO of Lake Travis / NW Austin is always updating its fleet and equipment so clients in Lake Travis / NW Austin, or anywhere else can quickly access the services. 
  • With over 1,700 US and Canadian Franchise locations, SERVPRO is strategically positioned to respond faster to an emergency of any magnitude.
  • The SERVPRO staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. They receive initial in-house training and constant skill up-gradation at the corporate training facility and also acquire the regular IICRC-industry certification.

For storm damage restoration in Leander and surrounding areas, call SERVPRO of Lake Travis / NW Austin today at (512) 318-2200.

Why SERVPRO Is a Top Choice for Biohazard Cleanup

4/27/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO is a leading choice for biohazard cleanup in Austin. Here their experts explain how they go above and beyond for their customers and stand apart from the competition.

Without the right tools and expertise cleaning up a biohazard incident, such as a sewage backup, can be both dangerous and difficult. That's why it's best to take advantage of the services of a licensed biohazard cleanup company like SERVPRO. SERVPRO has over 23 years of experience providing industry-leading biohazard cleaning services that put the needs of Austin residents first. 

Why SERVPRO Is a Top Choice for Biohazard Cleanup

When choosing a biohazard cleanup company, experience matters. A contractor that can handle a wide range of pathogens ensures the cleanup process will go smoothly regardless of any unexpected developments.  SERVPRO of Lake Travis / NW Austin offers a comprehensive range of biohazard cleanup services.

Sewage Backups

Sewage backups pose significant property damage and health risks. SERVPRO is an Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified firm with Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians. Their biohazard cleanup crew can remove the sewage, clean all surfaces, and eliminate odors along with harmful microorganisms.    

Blood-Borne Pathogens

Blood and other bodily fluids and tissues left behind after an accident, death, or crime are difficult to remove from carpets and other absorbent surfaces. SERVPRO goes deep into the fabrics and cracks to remove every trace of the incident.

Illegal Drug Manufacturing Labs

After taking possession of a property formerly used for illegal drug manufacturing, professional biohazard cleanup is mandatory. That’s because manufacturing meth and other illicit substances generate harmful compounds and odors that cling to surfaces.

SERVPRO can remove these unsafe residues according to federal and state laws. The company's deep biohazard cleaning can make any property safe again.

The experts at SERVPRO also have experience with:

  • Tear gas cleanup
  • Animal waste
  • Chemical spills
  • Homicide cleanups
  • Hoarding situations

What to Look for in a Biohazard Cleaning Company

Before hiring a biohazard cleanup company in Austin, Texas, verify that they meet these requirements:

OSHA Compliant Cleaning Methods

The best biohazard and water cleanup companies adhere to OSHA regulations regarding handling harmful waste and using personal protective equipment. A company that isn’t OSHA compliant can’t guarantee the safety of its staff or clients. The company must also comply with EPA and state biohazard cleaning laws.

Reporting and Testing

An insurance company may require a detailed biohazard cleanup report before agreeing to cover the damages. The best water, biohazard, and fire restoration companies provide such reports and any other documentation customers need for their claim. That includes documented tests that prove a property is free of biohazards.

Convenient Scheduling

The best cleanup companies are easy to reach and respond quickly to biohazard emergencies.

Experience and Licensing

It’s best to work with licensed companies that have experience handling your specific biohazard incident. The more experienced the company is, the better they’ll be at delivering desired results.

Positive Customer Reviews

The company must have more positive than negative reviews regarding their professionalism and expertise. The reviews must also indicate that the company’s staff is courteous and competent.

SERVPRO meets all these requirements and more to ensure complete biological and chemical contaminant removal.

How Does SERVPRO Stand Apart?

SERVPRO's biohazard and water damage restoration experts go deep to eliminate stains, odors, and other harmful elements left by biohazard accidents. The company keeps its services hassle-free by helping customers file and process cleanup claims with their insurers.

SERVPRO’s advanced technology equips their team to tackle residential and commercial water damage and biohazard messes of all sizes. They also offer a range of other cleaning services:

  • Mold removal
  • Carpet and upholstery
  • Ceiling, floors, and walls
  • Drapes and blinds

Unlike other biohazard and mold remediation companies, SERVPRO is also available 24/7. Contact SERVPRO today at (512) 318-2202 or request help online to schedule emergency biohazard cleanup anywhere in Spicewood, TX, Lake Travis, TX and surrounding areas. You can also follow them on Facebook for helpful restoration and remediation tips.

Contact Information:

SERVPRO of Lake Travis / NW Austin

6500 River Place Boulevard

Building 7 – Suite 250

Austin, TX 78730

5 Things to Do While Waiting for a Water Damage Restoration Company

4/27/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: The experts at SERVPRO of Lake Travis / NW Austin offer five tips to help minimize damage and speed up the restoration process while waiting for a water damage restoration company.

Indoor flooding due to weather events or plumbing issues can lead to extensive property damage. It’s crucial to call a water damage restoration company as quickly as possible. That way, the process of evacuating the floodwater and taking necessary measures to eliminate moisture can begin. 

While waiting for the restoration team to arrive, the experts at SERVPRO of Lake Travis / NW Austin recommend taking a few steps to minimize damage and aid in the water restoration process. SERVPRO has served the Austin area for over 23 years and is a local leader in water, fire, and storm restoration services.

5 Things to Do While Waiting for a Water Damage Restoration Company

1.      Take Steps to Eliminate the Water Source

If the flood is due to a burst water pipe or faulty faucet, turn off the main water valve. If the water is a result of weather-related flooding, ensure all drainage systems are free of debris and any devices, such as a sump pump, are active. Then set up temporary flood barriers, such as sandbags, inflatable floodwalls, flood skirts, or portable flood gates. Likewise, cover any exterior damage (broken windows, roof holes, etc.) with a tarp, shower curtain, or plastic trash bags.

2.      Turn Off the Power

If the flooding is close to power outlets, cut power to the building at the main. Leaving the power on can lead to injuries and increase the risk of an electrical fire. 

3.      Open the Windows

Floodwater in an enclosed space leads to airborne moisture. Airborne moisture can settle in unseen places and create a breeding ground for mold and other pathogens. Opening windows can help reduce humidity levels. However, skip this step if doing so may allow more water into the space (such as during heavy rainstorms).

4.      Start an Insurance Claim

Many homeowners insurance policies will cover temporary housing during the restoration process if necessary. Beginning the claims process early ensures these options are available as soon as possible. It also offers the chance to verify the type of flooding occurring is covered.

Insurance generally covers sudden, unpreventable flood damage, but preventable events, such as those due to lack of maintenance, typically aren't. Natural flooding requires an insurance rider.

5. Document the Damage

Because the cause of the flood damage is crucial to insurance coverage, early documentation of the damage that clearly shows the cause of the damage is key to a successful claim. A good water damage restoration company will assist with this process, but taking photos, videos, and writing down what happened while waiting for their arrival can also be helpful. 

Get Help from a Professional Water Damage Restoration Company in Austin, Texas

Evacuating floodwater is not enough to repair residential or commercial water damage. Water restoration companies have specialized tools for removing every bit of moisture from a flooded property. These companies also have cleanup equipment for quickly restoring flooded spaces to their pre-damaged condition.

Quick water damage restoration is essential for preventing mold and further damage to flooded property. That’s why SERVPRO provides emergency water cleanup services to homes and businesses all over Leander and Austin, TX.

Besides evacuating floodwater, SERVPRO also offers mold remediation services. Whether your flooding is due to broken plumbing or storm damage, contact SERVPRO for emergency services today at (512) 318-2202 or request help online. You can also follow them on Facebook for more helpful water restoration tips. 

Contact Information:

SERVPRO of Lake Travis / NW Austin

6500 River Place Boulevard
Building 7 – Suite 250
Austin, TX 78730

Fire Damage Restoration Tips: What to Do During and After Grease Fires

4/27/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: The experts at SERVPRO of Lake Travis / NW Austin cover what to do during and after a grease fire step by step, including fire restoration tips.  

According to the National Fire Protection Association, cooking fires are the number one cause of residential structure fires in the US. Understanding what to do during and after a grease fire is crucial to minimize damage.

The experts at SERVPRO of Lake Travis / NW Austin are here to go over what steps to take during and after a grease fire, as well as offer tips for the fire restoration process. SERVPRO has served the Austin area for over 23 years and is a leading fire restoration company.

Fire Damage Restoration Tips: What to Do During and After Grease Fires

Dealing with a cooking fire is always a stressful experience. Above all, try to keep calm and remember these dos and don’ts for dealing with a grease fire:

1.      Don’t Use Water on a Grease Fire

Unlike most fires, pouring water on a grease fire will make things worse. Instead of extinguishing the flame, the water will scatter the burning oil, spreading the fire.

2.      Don’t Pour Flour or Sugar on Grease Fires

Flour and sugar are flammable, and pouring either on a grease fire only fuels the flames.

3.      Don’t Use a Water-Based Extinguisher

Every kitchen needs a fire extinguisher, but not just any extinguisher. A water-based fire extinguisher will have the same effect as pouring water on a grease fire.

4.      Don’t Carry the Fire Outside

Carrying a pan with a grease fire outside is extremely dangerous. The burning grease may spill, injuring the carrier or spreading the fire to other areas of the home.

How to Correctly Deal with a Grease Fire

1.      Switch Off the Stove

Immediately turn off the stove. If the controls are inaccessible due to the flames, turn off your main gas or power supply.

2.      Use a Metal Lid

Putting a lid over a flaming pan will starve it of oxygen and extinguish the fire. If a metal lid isn’t available, a metal baking sheet will suffice. The lid must completely cover the flames, or they may still have access to oxygen.

Make sure to leave the lid on for at least a couple of minutes to ensure the flames are out. Glass or plastic lids are not suitable substitutes for putting out a cooking fire.

3.      Douse the Flames with Salt or Baking Soda

Pouring salt or baking soda on a flame will smother it. The amount of baking soda or salt needed will depend on the size of the flame. Do not use baking powder or flour in place of baking soda.

4.      Grab a Class B Flame Extinguisher

An Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) extinguisher that shoots foam or a class B dry fire extinguisher is best for putting out a grease fire. When using the extinguisher, stand back to prevent being hit by hot grease or flames.

When Do You Need a Professional?

If baking soda or a class B chemical fire extinguisher fails to fire, immediately go outside and call the fire department. Once the fire is out and the fire department grants permission to enter the building, call a water and fire damage restoration company to begin the clean-up process. 

The fire restoration process generally has a few stages: 

  • Inspection and damage assessment
  • Steps to prevent further damage (tarping any exterior holes, for example)
  • Addressing any water left behind by suppression efforts
  • Removal of any smoke or soot from walls and surfaces
  • Cleaning, repair, and restoration

While waiting for the fire restoration company to arrive, avoid the area of the fire as that may spread soot to other areas. Don’t eat any food from the kitchen and leave the power off. Remember to call your insurance company to begin the claims process. 

How to Prevent Grease Fires

While it’s crucial to know how to handle a grease fire, knowing how to prevent them is also helpful. 

  • Cook with appropriate utensils
  • Never leaving the stove unattended
  • Fry with cooking oils that have a high smoke point, such as canola, peanut, sesame, or sunflower oil
  • Remove moisture from food before placing it in hot oil
  • Have an easily accessible class B fire extinguisher in the kitchen


For clean-up after a grease fire in Lago Vista, Texas, contact SERVPRO. SERVPRO of Lake Travis / NW Austin is a leading provider of fire, water, and storm restoration services, as well as mold remediation and commercial cleaning.

SERVPRO can also assist with filing insurance paperwork for stress-free claims. Their team is available 24/7 and handles fire damage restoration jobs of all sizes. Request help online or dial (512) 318-2202 today for help cleaning up after a grease fire. You can also follow them on Facebook for more helpful fire and water restoration tips.

Contact Information:

SERVPRO of Lake Travis / NW Austin

6500 River Place Boulevard
Building 7 – Suite 250
Austin, TX 78730

What You Must Know About Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

3/11/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: The experts at SERVPRO of  Lake Travis / NW Austin guide business owners in the Austin, TX, area through the essentials of the fire damage restoration process.

Fire damage is a nightmare scenario for any business owner. Storefronts, production facilities, warehouses, offices, and other commercial spaces are vital to day-to-day operations. Business owners need someone they can trust to handle the fire restoration process. 

SERVPRO is a locally owned fire damage restoration company with more than two decades of experience. Their certified, expert technicians can handle the combined threats of fire, water, mold damage, and more. They’ve helped countless companies overcome damage and get back to business with minimal delay.

What You Must Know About Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

Point #1: Restoration Requires Expertise

Damage to a commercial property can be extensive after a fire and may include water damage and loss of structural integrity. Electrical systems and utilities might also be affected. Fire restoration companies must have comprehensive knowledge of not just the restoration process but electrical and HVAC systems.

Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) demonstrates the highest level of expertise in cleaning and restoration. At SERVPRO, certified crews adhere to stringent IICRC professional standards.

Point #2 Time Is of the Essence

A fire can keep causing damage long after it has been put out. Water from fire crews can damage furniture and building materials. Mold can grow on damp surfaces, causing odors. Smoke residue can create health and safety risks. Waiting too long could lead to long-term damage and harm the business’s reputation.

Fire damage should be mitigated before business operations resume. SERVPRO offers 24-hour emergency service, and their trained restoration specialists work quickly to prevent costly delays, minimize loss of business, and restore customer confidence.

Point #3 Water Damage Can Present Long-Term Challenges

Even after any standing water is removed, lingering effects of water damage can remain. If all surfaces aren't fully dried, and humidity levels aren't brought down, mold and rot could develop, producing odors and worsening structural damage. 

Choosing an emergency water damage restoration company that will take the time to comprehensively address the damage is vital. SERVPRO offers trusted water damage restoration services and has the tools and experience to address the many challenges of water damage.

Point #4 Mold Remediation Is More Than Mold Removal

Even dried surfaces can continue to harbor mold if not properly treated. Mold isn’t just unsightly. It can also potentially cause health effects to employees and customers. Mold spores can also spread rapidly to other parts of the building that escaped the original fire. 

SERVPRO has years of experience with mold remediation. They do more than simply remove mold. Their comprehensive remediation process prevents spread and repairs damage. The process involves:

  • Detecting where mold has spread
  • Containing mold to prevent further spread
  • Filtering the air to eliminate mold spores
  • Restoration of materials damaged by mold


SERVPRO has served the Austin area since 1998 and cares about the community. As part of a national franchise, they also have access to a massive network of resources, allowing them to offer fast, high-quality fire damage restoration services.

For more information about fire damage restoration or commercial cleaning, contact SERVPRO at (512) 318-2202 or request help online. Business owners can also follow them on Facebook for restoration tips, news, and more. 

Contact Information: 

SERVPRO of Lake Travis / NW Austin

6500 River Place Boulevard

Building 7 – Suite 250 

Austin, TX 78730

4 Reasons to Begin Fire Restoration Immediately After a Fire

3/11/2021 (Permalink)

Fire Damaged Home - Lake Travis We were called to a Lake Travis home to help with their fire damage - always here to help!

Blog Summary: The experts at SERVPRO of Lake Travis / NW Austin explain why it is important to begin fire restoration immediately after a property is damaged by fire, from preventing further damage to reducing the chances of smoke damage. 

A house fire can be traumatic, and the aftermath can be overwhelming. Many homeowners find themselves so overwhelmed, in fact, that they put off starting the fire damage restoration process. However, that can be a bigger mistake than many people realize.

The experts at SERVPRO of Lake Travis / NW Austin are committed to minimizing the losses Austin homeowners suffer as a result of house fires. SERVPRO is a leading locally owned fire restoration company with the resources of a major national franchise. Here are five reasons they encourage homeowners not to delay the fire restoration process. 

4 Reasons to Begin Fire Damage Restoration Immediately

 #1: Smoke Damage

Smoke from a fire quickly travels beyond the fire’s origin—and the hotter the fire, the faster the smoke will spread. No matter how far from the fire itself, any room that smoke enters can end up with smoke residue. Smoke residue can settle behind curtains and in spaces around furniture and cupboards. 

Smoke can also enter a building’s ductwork. After that, each time the HVAC system runs, harmful particles will be spread throughout the home. They may even damage the HVAC system itself. The sooner smoke residue is cleaned up, the less damage it will do.

# 2: Acidic Soot Damage

Immediately after extinguishing the fire, residual soot starts falling and settling on surfaces. Soot is high in acidity and very destructive. Without quick mitigation, soot can cause big problems, including destroying natural surfaces, discoloring materials, and degrading metals. 

The magnetic charges in soot particles can even cause electrical short circuits, destroying electronics and posing the risk of causing a second fire.

#3: Health Implications of Smoke, Soot, and Mold

Inhaling smoke and soot residues is dangerous. Water used to extinguish the fire also must also be cleaned up quickly to prevent mold growth. Mold poses health effects and can be very difficult to get rid of once it’s established. 

Starting the fire restoration process right away will not only restore air quality in the structure but will get things dry and the humidity back to a safe level.

#4 Smoke Odors

Without quick fire damage restoration efforts, smoke odors can absorb into porous materials, where they are very hard to remove. In cases, they can’t be removed, and things like couches and sheetrock may need to be replaced. Dealing with set-in smoke odors can add significant cost and time to the fire damage restoration process as a result.


For over three decades, SERVPRO has provided home and business owners in the Lake Travis and Lago Vista, TX, area with the highest quality fire damage restoration services possible, striving to make the overwhelming aftermath of a house fire just a little less stressful. They also offer water removal, storm damage repair, mold remediation, and commercial cleaning services. 

For more information about fire damage or the fire damage restoration process, reach out to SERVPRO at (512) 318-2202.

Contact Information:

SERVPRO of Lake Travis / NW Austin

6500 River Place Boulevard

Building 7 – Suite 250 

Austin, TX 78730

4 Common Myths about Storm Restoration Debunked

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Blog Summary: The experts at SERVPRO of Lake Travis / NW Austin reveal the truth about storm damage and the storm damage restoration process to debunk four common myths.

Homeowners in the Austin area are no strangers to storms, but a few storm damage restoration myths persist in the area nonetheless. Misconceptions about storm damage restoration can lead to further damage and unnecessary costs—the experts at SERVPRO of Lake Travis / NW Austin, TX, are here to debunk these myths and reveal the truth. 

They have restored countless storm-damaged homes and are committed to helping the good people of Austin understand types of storm damage and the restoration process. 

4 Common Storm Restoration Myths Debunked 

 #1: If There Isn’t Visible Damage, There is No Damage

A visual inspection is the first step in assessing storm damage, but it’s a mistake to assume a roof or any other part of a home is unharmed just because there are no visible issues. 

Small cracks, dents, or punctures may go unnoticed, but they can still let water into the home or grow worse over time. After a storm, it is important to have a storm damage restoration expert who understands common signs of storm damage perform a complete inspection. This allows them to document the damage properly for insurance purposes.  

# 2: Warranties Cover All Roof Damage

Unfortunately, even homeowners with brand new roofing systems cannot rely on their warranties to cover all types of storm damage. Many roof warranties explicitly exclude storm and hail damage, as neither is directly related to the materials or installation process. 

If a warranty does cover storm damage, getting an inspection and beginning repairs quickly is vital. Failing to address issues promptly may result in more damage, which the warranty would not cover as it was caused by a failure to act.

#3: Water Removal is Enough to Prevent Mold Growth

Water damage is common following a major storm, whether from roof damage, a broken window, or a burst pipe. While removing any standing water from the area is an excellent first step—it should never be the last step to avoid mold growth

Any waterlogged building materials, such as sheetrock, need to be dried or replaced if necessary, and efforts should be made to bring the humidity level back to a safe level.

#4:  Not Filing a Claim Is an Effective Way to Avoid Rate Increases 

Even if a homeowner does not file a claim for storm damage, their insurance rate may increase. As other homeowners in the area will be filing claims, all homeowners in the area will see a rate increase, whether they file a claim or not. 

However, in situations where the cost of storm damage restoration would not exceed the deductible on the policy, avoiding the claims process may make sense. Hiring a storm damage restoration company to assess the damage is the first step in either case. 


SERVPRO has served the Lake Travis and Leander, TX, area for more than 30 years. They offer a wide range of storm damage restoration services, such as water cleanup and mold remediation. Their team works to make getting back to everyday life after a storm as hassle-free as possible.

For more information about storm damage or the restoration process, contact their team at (512) 318-2202.

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Why SERVPRO Is a Leading Residential and Commercial Cleaning Service Provider

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Blog Summary: When disasters strike, commercial and residential property owners need superior cleaning services. Here is an overview of what to look for in a cleaning service, as well as what sets SERVPRO of Lake Travis / NW Austin apart from the competition. 

Whether for household clean-up or commercial janitorial services, many home and business owners opt to hire a professional commercial and residential cleaning service provider. With so many cleaning companies in the field, finding the right one can be tricky.

SERVPRO of Lake Travis / NW Austin, Texas, is the area’s leading cleaning company. They offer a comprehensive range of residential and commercial services. Here’s a brief overview of qualities that all credible cleaning companies should possess and why SERVPRO stands apart from the competition. 

Four Qualities Commercial and Residential Cleaning Companies Should Have

1. Solid Reputation

A quality cleaning service provider should have a verifiable reputation for high work standards, professionalism, timeliness, and expertise. The best way to learn about a company’s reputation is to read customer reviews online, speak to past clients, and research the company on sites such as the Better Business Bureau

Online reviews play a significant role in a company’s reputation and are more influential than word-of-mouth referrals in many cases.  A reputable cleaning service provider like SERVPRO of Lake Travis / NW Austin will have nothing to hide. 

The company provides recent customer testimonials on their website to showcase their team’s ability to perform tasks beyond expectations.

2. Qualified Employees

Cleaning companies should have a staff of highly trained workers who know how to handle various cleaning situations. For instance, those who need assistance dealing with commercial water damage should look for a team with the skills and expertise to handle the water clean-up. 

The experienced specialists at SERVPRO of Lake Travis / NW Austin not only know how to extract water from a property properly, but they have the training to provide everything from emergency water damage restoration to biohazard and sewage clean-up. 

3. Relevant Experience

Hiring a new cleaning company may save money on services, but their lack of experience could lead to damage or subpar results. A quality cleaning service should have sufficient knowledge to handle multiple cleaning tasks with ease. The team should also know how to come up with solutions to unique cleaning issues in a pinch. 

4. Broad Service Offerings

When hiring a professional cleaning service, look for companies that offer a wide array of services to ensure they are capable of leaving the home or business in top condition when the job is done. The more services they provide, the fewer companies required to finish other tasks. 

SERVPRO of Lake Travis / NW Austin offers everything from residential carpet and upholstery cleaning to commercial mold removal. With their help, there's no need to hire housekeepers or a mold remediation company—SERVPRO does it all. 


SERVPRO of Lake Travis / NW Austin is a leading fire, storm, and water restoration company in Texas, but they offer much more. Their expert cleaners provide standard cleaning services like air duct cleaning as well as specialized services like odor removal. 

Cleaning both residential and commercial facilities requires an in-depth understanding of cleaning standards, safety protocols, industry requirements, and equipment use. At SERVPRO of Lake Travis / NW Austin, they use their impressive industry knowledge and expertise to restore almost any property to “like new” condition. 

Contact SERVPRO of Lake Travis / NW Austin at (512) 318-2202 to learn more about their residential and commercial cleaning services or follow them on Facebook for up-to-date company news.

Contact Information:

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